Chosen Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity

Meaning of the Name Chosen: What Does Chosen Name Mean?

The name Chosen is a powerful and evocative name meaning “one who has been selected or favored“. It carries a sense of destiny, purpose, and uniqueness.

Delving deeper into the meaning:

  • Etymology: Chosen is a word name derived from the English verb “to choose,” which itself comes from the Old French “choisir” and ultimately from the Latin “colligere,” meaning “to gather or collect.”
  • Interpretations: The meaning of Chosen can be interpreted in various ways. It can signify someone who is exceptional or special, perhaps destined for great things. It can also suggest someone who has been selected for a particular purpose or role in life. In a religious context, Chosen might imply someone who has been favored by God or a higher power.
  • Cultural Significance: The concept of being chosen is present across many cultures and religions. In Christianity, the Jews are considered the “Chosen People” by God. In Greek mythology, heroes like Achilles were often said to be chosen by the gods for their greatness. The idea of being chosen can be a powerful motivator, instilling a sense of responsibility and purpose.

Is the Name Chosen in the Bible?

The name Chosen itself does not appear in the Bible. However, there are several biblical names that share similar meanings or concepts:

  • Elect: This word appears throughout the New Testament and refers to those who have been chosen by God for salvation.
  • Chosen People: A term used to refer to the Israelites, who were believed to be chosen by God to receive his covenant and blessings.
  • Predestined: This concept suggests that God has predetermined certain events or outcomes, including who will be saved.

These names and concepts resonate with the meaning of Chosen, highlighting the idea of divine selection and favor.

Origin/Ethnicity of the Name Chosen

Chosen is a relatively new name, emerging in the late 20th century. It is considered a word name, a name derived from an existing word in the English language. While its exact origin is unclear, its rise in popularity can be attributed to several factors:

  • Positive connotation: The meaning of Chosen is inherently positive, suggesting someone who is special and favored.
  • Celebrity influence: American football player Cam Newton named his son Chosen in 2020, bringing a spotlight to the name.
  • Trend of word names: Word names like Hunter, Truth, and Justice have become increasingly popular in recent decades. Chosen fits this trend, offering a unique and meaningful option for parents.

Popularity of the Name Chosen

Ranking of Name + Number of Births

Chosen is a rare name, and data on its exact popularity is limited. However, according to available resources, it is not currently ranked among the top 1000 names in the United States.

The Name’s Popularity Over Time

Due to its recent emergence, Chosen’s popularity trend is difficult to gauge. However, based on current trends, it’s possible that the name will see a gradual increase in usage in the coming years.

Gender of the Name Chosen

Chosen can be considered a gender-neutral name. The meaning itself doesn’t inherently point towards a specific gender. However, its usage might skew slightly more masculine due to the influence of Cam Newton naming his son Chosen.

Nicknames of the Name Chosen

  1. Choy
  2. Chaz
  3. En
  4. Sen
  5. Chux
  6. Oz
  7. Zen
  8. Neri (playful twist on “chosen one”)
  9. Elect (referencing the biblical meaning) 1 0. Des (derived from the first syllable)

Does the Name Chosen Have a Color Association?

There isn’t a universally accepted color association for the name Chosen. However, based on the meaning and feeling it evokes, some potential color matches include:

  • Gold: Symbolizing success, achievement, and divine favor.
  • Royal Blue: Associated with nobility, trust, and wisdom.
  • Purple: Representing royalty, luxury, and creativity.

Ultimately, the color association a person feels connected to with the name Chosen is subjective and personal.

Suggested Sibling Names for Chosen

For Brothers:

  1. Cyrus (Old Persian): Meaning “sun” or “lord.” Cyrus the Great was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire. (Powerful, regal, historical connection)
  2. Felix (Latin): Meaning “lucky” or “happy.” A common name in Roman Catholicism, associated with Saint Felix. (Positive connotation, saintly connection)
  3. Arlo (English): A relatively new name derived from the word “arboretum” (a botanical garden). (Nature-inspired, modern)
  4. Elio (Greek): Meaning “the sun” or “Yahweh is my God” (referencing the Hebrew name Eli). A character’s name in the popular novel “Call Me By Your Name.” (Literary connection, celestial meaning)
  5. Cassian (Latin): Meaning “empty” or “vain” (originally a derogatory term). Gained popularity due to its unique sound and association with Saint Cassian. (Unique, historical connection)
  6. Silas (Greek): Meaning “of the forest” or “man of the woods.” A companion of Saint Paul in the New Testament. (Nature-inspired, biblical connection)
  7. Waylon (Old English): Meaning “chosen way” or “path of the wanderer.” A name with a sense of adventure and individuality. (Shares a thematic connection with Chosen, evokes freedom)
  8. Gideon (Hebrew): Meaning “he who cuts down” or “warrior.” A judge and military leader in the Old Testament. (Strength, biblical reference)
  9. Caspian (Latin): Meaning “of the Caspian Sea” or “possessor of horses.” Evokes a sense of mystery and travel. (Geographical reference, adventurous)
  10. Ezra (Hebrew): Meaning “help” or “helper.” A priest and scribe who played a role in the rebuilding of Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile. (Biblical reference, helpfulness)
  11. Theo (Greek): Short form of Theodore, meaning “gift of God.” A popular name with a timeless quality. (Meaningful, classic)
  12. Jasper (Persian): Meaning “bringer of treasure” or “one who brings jasper.” Jasper is a gemstone associated with protection and grounding. (Unique, associated with a precious stone)
  13. Rowan (Gaelic): Meaning “little red-haired one” or “mountain ash tree.” A nature-inspired name with Irish roots. (Unique, Irish origin, nature connection)
  14. Kai (Hawaiian): Meaning “sea” or “keeper of the sea.” A beautiful name with a connection to the ocean. (Nature-inspired, Hawaiian origin)
  15. Milo (Old German): Meaning “soldier” or “merciful.” A name with a strong and friendly feel. (Strength, positive connotation)

For Sisters:

  1. Seraphina (Hebrew): Meaning “burning ones” or “fiery ones.” Refers to a high ranking order of angels. (Powerful, angelic connection)
  2. Nova (Latin): Meaning “new” or “star.” Evokes a sense of innovation and brightness. (Modern, celestial connection)
  3. Amara (Greek): Meaning “immortal” or “everlasting.” A beautiful name with a hopeful connotation. (Elegant, meaningful)
  4. Lyra (Greek): Meaning “lyre” (a musical instrument). A name with a creative and musical connection. (Artistic, unique)
  5. Cora (Greek): Meaning “maiden” or “virgin.” A name with a classic and elegant feel. (Timeless, feminine)
  6. Elara (Greek): Meaning “oak tree” or “mother of the Titans.” A strong and unique name with mythological connections. (Nature-inspired, mythological reference)
  7. Imogen (Latin): Possibly meaning “noble maiden” or “daughter.” A name with a Shakespearean connection (appears in “Cymbeline”). (Literary reference, classic)
  8. Juno (Roman): Queen of the Roman gods, associated with marriage, women, and childbirth. (Powerful, mythological reference)
  9. Sage (Latin): Meaning “wise” or “sage.” A virtue name with a positive connotation. (Meaningful, positive)
  10. Leila (Arabic): Meaning “night” or “born at night.” A beautiful and mysterious name. (Unique, evocative)
  11. Arielle (Hebrew): Meaning “lioness of God.” A strong and feminine name with a biblical connection. (Strength, biblical reference)
  1. Isla (Scottish Gaelic): Meaning “island.” A nature-inspired name with a sense of peace and seclusion. (Unique, nature connection)
  2. Emery (Old German): Meaning “industrious ruler” or “power.” A name with a strong and sophisticated feel. (Strength, sophisticated)
  3. Rowan (Gaelic): While traditionally a masculine name, Rowan can also be used for girls. It means “little red-haired one” or “mountain ash tree.” (Unique, can be used for both genders, nature connection)
  4. Evangeline (Greek): Meaning “good news” or “bringer of good news.” A name with a hopeful and positive connotation. (Meaningful, positive)

These are just a few suggestions, and the perfect sibling name for Chosen will ultimately depend on your personal preferences. Consider factors like meaning, sound, style, and how the names will sound together when choosing a sibling name.

Traits of the Bearer of the Name Chosen

Due to the name Chosen’s relative newness, there isn’t a wealth of established personality traits associated with it. However, based on the meaning and connotation of the name, some potential traits for a person named Chosen include:

  • Confidence: The meaning of Chosen suggests someone who is selected or favored, which could instill a sense of confidence and self-assuredness.
  • Determination: Chosen might feel a sense of purpose or destiny, leading them to be determined and driven in their goals.
  • Independence: Knowing they are unique or special, a Chosen might value their independence and individuality.
  • Compassion: The concept of being chosen can also imply a responsibility to help others. Chosen might possess a compassionate nature and a desire to make a positive impact.

It’s important to remember that these are just potential traits, and a person’s name is just one factor that can influence their personality. Nurture and environment play a much larger role in shaping who a person becomes.

Number of Syllables in the Name Chosen

The name Chosen is a two-syllable name. Cho-sen.

Best Middle Names For Chosen

Choosing a middle name for Chosen can be a fun way to add another layer of meaning or create a pleasing sound combination. Here are 30 suggestions with meanings and origins to consider:

For a Meaningful Combination:

  1. Hope: (English) A virtue name expressing optimism and positive expectations. Complements the idea of chosen destiny with a hopeful outlook.
  2. Valor: (Latin) Meaning “strength” or “courage.” Reinforces the potential trait of determination in Chosen.
  3. Grant: (French) Meaning “great” or “large.” Creates a name with a sense of grandeur.
  4. Journey: (English) Evokes a sense of adventure and purpose, aligning with the concept of being chosen for a path.
  5. Verity: (Latin) Meaning “truth.” Suggests Chosen will be one who pursues truth and authenticity.
  6. Justice: (Latin) A virtue name representing fairness and righteousness.
  7. Lumiere (French): Meaning “light.” A beautiful name that adds a touch of brightness to Chosen.
  8. Sage (Latin): Meaning “wise.” Hints at potential wisdom and discernment in Chosen.
  9. Hart (Old English): Meaning “stag” or “deer.” A nature-inspired name with a sense of strength and nobility.
  10. Sky (Old Norse): Evokes a feeling of limitlessness and possibility.

For a Balanced Sound:

  1. Alexander (Greek): Meaning “defender of men.” The longer middle name creates a more substantial sound with the short Chosen.
  2. Elijah (Hebrew): Meaning “Yahweh is my God.” The “ah” sound at the end of Chosen blends well with Elijah.
  3. Nathaniel (Hebrew): Meaning “gift of God.” Another name with a biblical connection and a pleasing sound combination.
  4. Theodore (Greek): Meaning “gift of God.” A classic name with a strong presence that complements Chosen.
  5. Sebastian (Greek): Meaning “revered” or “venerable.” The “ian” ending creates a smooth flow with Chosen.

For a Unique Combination:

  1. Caspian (Latin): Meaning “of the Caspian Sea” or “possessor of horses.” An uncommon name that adds a touch of mystery.
  2. Atticus (Latin): Meaning “from Attica” (a region in Greece). A literary name used by Harper Lee in “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
  3. Arlo (English): A relatively new name derived from the word “arboretum” (a botanical garden). Nature-inspired and unique.
  4. Elio (Greek): Meaning “the sun” or “Yahweh is my God.” A name with literary cred from “Call Me By Your Name.” 20. Cassian (Latin): Originally a derogatory term, Cassian has become unique due to its sound and saintly connection.

For a Name Honoring Heritage:

  1. If you have a family name with a strong meaning, consider using it as a middle name. This creates a special connection to your heritage.
  2. You could also choose a middle name from another language that holds significance to your family background.

For a Name Reflecting Personality:

  1. Think about the personality traits you hope Chosen will embody. Choose a middle name that reinforces those qualities.
  2. For example, if you value creativity, consider a middle name like Lyric or Verse.

Ultimately, the best middle name for Chosen is one that you love and that feels right for your child.

Related Names of Chosen

Chosen is a unique name, but there are several names that share similar meanings, sounds, or origins. Here are 30 related names to consider, along with their meanings and origins:

Names with Similar Meanings:

  1. Elect (English): Directly translates to “chosen” and appears in the New Testament.
  2. Predestined (Latin): Refers to the concept of being predetermined for a specific outcome, often used in a religious context.
  3. Destiny (Latin): Meaning “fate” or “predetermined course of events.”
  4. Kai (Hawaiian): Meaning “sea” or “keeper of the sea.” Evokes a sense of being chosen for a special path.
  5. Auser (Latin): A more obscure term meaning “chosen” or “selected.”

Names with Similar Sounds:

  1. Chosen (English): Consider names with similar sounds like Dawson, Dawson, Dawson (meaning “son of David”), or Cohen (meaning “priest”).
  2. Ocean (English): Shares the ocean imagery and two-syllable structure.
  3. Canyon (Spanish): Similar sound with a nature-inspired meaning (“deep gorge”).
  4. Rowan (Gaelic): While traditionally masculine, Rowan can be used for girls. It shares the two-syllable structure and a unique feel.
  5. Owen (Welsh): Meaning “young warrior,” shares the two syllables and a strong connotation.

Names of Similar Origin (Word Names):

  1. Truth (English): Another virtue name like Chosen, reflecting a core value.
  2. Justice (Latin): A similar word name representing fairness and righteousness.
  3. Hunter (English): A popular word name with a masculine feel.
  4. Journey (English): Evokes a sense of purpose and resonates with the idea of a chosen path.
  5. Lyric (Greek): A word name suggesting creativity and beauty.

Unisex Names with a Strong Presence:

  1. Blake (English): Meaning “pale” or “dark.” A unisex name with a strong and sophisticated feel.
  2. Riley (Irish): Meaning “valiant” or “courageous.” A popular unisex name with a positive connotation.
  3. Rowan (Gaelic): As mentioned previously, Rowan can be used for both genders and offers a unique nature connection.
  4. Jamie (Hebrew): Originally a Scottish diminutive of James, Jamie has become a popular unisex name meaning “supplanter.”
  5. Indigo (Greek): A beautiful color name that can be used for both boys and girls.

Names from Mythology or Literature:

  1. Ariadne (Greek): In Greek mythology, the daughter of King Minos who helped Theseus escape the labyrinth.
  2. Electra (Greek): In Greek mythology, one of the daughters of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, known for her devotion to her father.
  3. Galahad (Welsh): A knight of the Round Table known for his purity and virtue.
  4. Atticus (Latin): A name used by Harper Lee in “To Kill a Mockingbird,” representing moral courage and integrity.
  5. Scout (English): From Harper Lee’s novel, a name that suggests resourcefulness and independence.

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list, and the best way to choose a related name is to consider the meaning and feeling you want to evoke.

Name Variations of the Name Chosen

Due to its recent emergence, Chosen doesn’t have many established variations. However, here are a few possibilities:

  • Chozen (English): A misspelling of Chosen, but occasionally used intentionally for a more creative flair.
  • Choy (English): A shortened and playful variation of Chosen, similar to nicknames derived from other names (e.g., Alex from Alexander).
  • The Chosen One (English): A more descriptive phrase used in literature or fantasy settings.

It’s important to note that these variations are not widely used, and Chosen itself is the most recognized form of the name.

Where is the Name Chosen Popular?

Since Chosen is a relatively new name, there isn’t a wealth of data on its global popularity. However, based on available resources, it likely sees more use in:

  • English-speaking countries: The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Given its origin as an English word name, it would naturally have a stronger presence in these regions.
  • Countries with a strong Judeo-Christian tradition: The name’s connection to the concept of being chosen by God might resonate with parents in these areas.

However, due to its recent emergence, it’s difficult to pinpoint specific countries where Chosen is particularly popular. It’s likely still a rare name used scattered across various countries.

Names With Similar Sounds As Chosen

Here are 20 names with sounds similar to Chosen, along with their meanings and origins:

Similar first syllable (Cho):

  1. Cohen (Hebrew): Meaning “priest” A well-established name with a religious connotation.
  2. Colin (Gaelic): Meaning “little nicholas” or “victory of the people.” A classic name with a friendly feel.
  3. Connor (Irish): Meaning “champion” or “hound lover.” A popular Irish name with a strong sound.
  4. Conrad (German): Meaning “bold counsel” or “brave advisor.” A name with a sense of strength and wisdom.
  5. Cosmo (Greek): Meaning “order” or “beauty.” A unique and sophisticated name.

Similar second syllable (sen):

  1. Emerson (English): A surname name meaning “Emery’s son.” Gained popularity due to the American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  2. Dawson (English): Meaning “son of David.” A nature-inspired name with a biblical connection.
  3. Jackson (English): Meaning “son of Jack.” A popular and versatile name.
  4. Jensen (Danish): Meaning “son of Jens.” A Scandinavian name with a strong sound.
  5. Benson (English): Meaning “son of Benn.” A classic English surname name.

Similar overall sound:

  1. Ocean (English): Evokes a similar imagery of vastness and mystery.
  2. Canyon (Spanish): Shares a strong consonant sound and a nature-inspired meaning (“deep gorge”).
  3. Rowan (Gaelic): While traditionally masculine, Rowan can be used for girls. It shares the two-syllable structure and a unique feel.
  4. Owen (Welsh): Meaning “young warrior,” shares the two syllables and a strong connotation.
  5. Blaise (Latin): Meaning “to lisp” or “stammerer.” An uncommon name with a touch of mystery.

Similar feeling of being unique or chosen:

  1. Kai (Hawaiian): Meaning “sea” or “keeper of the sea.” Evokes a sense of being chosen for a special path. 17. Destiny (Latin): Meaning “fate” or “predetermined course of events.”
  2. Sterling (English): Meaning “genuine” or “of high quality.” Suggests a sense of being special and valuable.
  3. Maverick (English): Meaning “independent” or “unconventional.” A name for someone who carves their own path.
  4. Legend (Latin): Meaning “a traditional story about something remarkable.” A bold name for someone who is destined for greatness.

Transliteration of Chosen in 30 Different Languages with Pronunciation Guide

LanguageTransliterationPronunciation GuideNotes
SpanishChosénCho-SEN (rolled “r”)
FrenchChozèneCho-ZEHN (nasal “e”)
GermanChosnKOH-z恩 (short “o”, guttural “n”)
RussianChozen (Хoзен)Kho-ZYENCyrillic script
JapaneseChōzun (選ばれし者)CHOH-zoooon (erabareshi mono)
KoreanJoseon (조선)CHO-sun
Chinese (Mandarin)Xuǎnzé (选择)SHU-an-dzè
HindiChuninda (चुना हुआ)Choo-nin-da
ArabicAl-muntakhab (المختار)al-moon-TAK-hab
HebrewHa-nichbar (הנבחר)hah-nich-BAR
SwedishUtvaldOot-VALDShort “oo” sound
PolishWybranyVi-BRAH-ni“y” sounds like “wi” in “will”
CzechVybranýVi-BRAH-ni“y” sounds like “wi” in “will”
HungarianVálasztottVAH-lahsh-tott“o” pronounced like “oh” in “boat”
FinnishValittuVah-LIT-tuShort “i” sound
GreekEklegmenos (Εκλεκτός)Ek-LEEK-toh-mos
TurkishSeçilmişSeh-CHEEL-mish“i” pronounced with a slight “sh” sound
VietnameseĐược chọnZwok chon“d” pronounced as a voiced alveolar stop
ThaiKaruna (กรุณา)Ka-roo-NAH
FilipinoPiniliPi-ni-LI“i” pronounced like “ee” in “feet”
AfrikaansGekeurGe-KHOORShort “oo” sound
IrishToghadh (togh)TOH-guh“gh” silent
WelshDewis (dewis)DEH-wis“w” pronounced like “oo” in “boot”
DanishUdvalgtUdt-VALTShort “u” sound
NorwegianUtvalgtUut-VALGTShort “oo” sound
IcelandicValinnVAH-linShort “a” sound

Public Figures (past or present) with names similar to Chosen

  1. Chazz Palminteri (Actor): An American actor known for his roles in “A Bronx Tale” and “The Usual Suspects.” (Similar sound to Chosen)
  2. Chosen Jacobs (Actor): A young American actor who starred in the horror film “IT” (2017). (Shares the exact name, but may be too young to qualify as a widely recognized public figure)
  3. Electra (Greek Mythological Figure): One of the daughters of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, known for her devotion to her father. (Similar meaning to Chosen)
  4. Destiny (Greek Mythological Figure): One of the three Moirai, the Fates who controlled human destiny. (Similar meaning to Chosen)
  5. Martin Luther King Jr. (Civil Rights Leader): Though not his given name, he was often referred to as “The Chosen One” by his followers. (Figurative association with being chosen)

It’s important to note that finding public figures with the exact name Chosen is challenging due to its recent appearance. However, the list above offers some options with similar sounds or related meanings.

Sayings and Rhymes for Baby Chosen

Since Chosen is a new name, there aren’t established sayings or rhymes associated with it yet. However, here are some creative options you can use or adapt:

  • For a Boy:
    • “Little Chosen, a heart of gold, destined for stories yet untold.”
    • “Chosen strong, Chosen brave, ready for the world to save.”
    • “Our Chosen son, a joyful sight, filling our days with pure delight.”
  • For a Girl:
    • “Chosen bright, a shining star, lighting our way, no matter how far.”
    • “Chosen sweet, a gentle soul, with a spirit that will make us whole.”
    • “Our Chosen girl, a precious gem, forever loved, our diadem.”

You can also create your own personalized rhymes based on the meaning of the name or your hopes for your child.

Fun Facts About the Name Chosen

  • New and Unique: Chosen is a relatively new name, emerging in recent decades. This means it’s uncommon and allows your child to stand out.
  • Meaningful Origin: Derived from the English verb “to choose,” Chosen carries a strong connotation of being selected or favored.
  • Open to Interpretation: Without a long history, the name Chosen offers flexibility in how you perceive its meaning. It can imply destiny, purpose, or simply being special.
  • Positive Associations: Chosen evokes positive feelings of confidence, determination, and potential.

Chosen in Music and Film

Due to its recent emergence, there aren’t any major characters or works titled “Chosen” in mainstream music or film. However, there might be lesser-known films, independent music, or even video game characters with this name.

Chosen’s Mention in Fictional Works

  • Literal Use: In some fantasy or sci-fi works, characters might be referred to as “the Chosen One” or have titles like “Chosen” to signify their special destiny.
  • Figurative Use: A character’s name might have a similar meaning to Chosen, suggesting they are destined for greatness or have a unique path.

Finding specific examples in established literature might be difficult, but the concept of the “chosen one” is a recurring theme in fiction.

Chosen in Literature

  • Similar Names: You might find characters with names that share a similar meaning to Chosen, such as Destiny, Kai (Hawaiian for “seakeeper”), or even Electra (Greek myth, known for her devotion).

While “Chosen” itself might not be prevalent in literature yet, the concept of chosen heroes or characters with a special purpose is a common thread in many stories.

Numerology of the Name Chosen

Here’s a breakdown of the numerology of the name Chosen according to the Chaldean, Pythagorean, and Kabbalistic systems, along with Destiny, Personality, and Soul Numbers:

Chaldean System (uses numbers 1-8)

  1. Assign numbers to each letter:
    • C = 3
    • H = 8
    • O = 6
    • S = 1
    • E = 5
    • N = 5
  2. Calculate the sum (ignoring master numbers 11 and 22):
    • Chosen = 3 + 8 + 6 + 1 + 5 + 5 = 28
  3. Reduce the sum to a single digit (unless it’s a master number):
    • 28 = 2 + 8 = 10 (Master Number 10)

Chaldean Interpretation:

  • Master Number 10: Signifies leadership potential, idealism, and a strong humanitarian streak. Chosen, under this influence, might be destined to make a positive impact on the world.

Pythagorean System (uses numbers 1-9)

  1. Assign numbers to each letter (A=1, B=2, etc.):
    • Chosen = 3 + 8 + 6 + 1 + 5 + 5 = 28
  2. Reduce the sum to a single digit:
    • 28 = 2 + 8 = 10 (Master Number 10)

Pythagorean Interpretation:

  • Master Number 10: Similar to the Chaldean system, signifies leadership potential, creativity, and a drive to make a difference.

Kabbalistic System (uses Hebrew alphabet)

Assigning numerological values in the Kabbalistic system requires converting the name to Hebrew letters and assigning them corresponding numbers. This process is complex and requires knowledge of Hebrew.

Destiny Number (Chaldean)

The Destiny Number is calculated by adding the values of the vowels in a name.

  • Chosen = 8 (O)

Destiny Interpretation:

  • Number 8: Suggests a path of power, achievement, and potentially overcoming challenges to reach success.

Personality Number (Chaldean)

The Personality Number is calculated by adding the values of the consonants in a name.

  • Chosen = 19 (C+H+S+N)
  • 19 further reduces to 1+9 = 10 (Master Number)

Personality Interpretation:

  • Master Number 10: Indiicates a personality with strong leadership potential, independence, and a desire to make a positive impact.

Soul Number (Pythagorean)

The Soul Number is the same as the sum of all the letters in the name reduced to a single digit (or Master Number).

  • Chosen = 10 (Master Number)

Soul Number Interpretation:

  • Master Number 10: Points to a soul yearning for leadership, creativity, and leaving a lasting mark on the world.

Delving into the Sound of Chosen


  • Chosen is a two-syllable name with a balanced stress pattern (CHO-sen).
  • The name starts with a hard consonant “ch,” which creates a strong and slightly assertive sound.
  • The following vowels “o” and “e” are open and mid-length, offering a more open and approachable feel compared to the initial hard consonant.
  • The name ends with a soft consonant “n,” providing a sense of calmness and resolution.

Overall Impression:

The phonetics of Chosen create a balance between strength and approachability. The initial “ch” suggests determination, while the open vowels and soft ending offer a sense of warmth and openness.


  • Chosen has a modern and somewhat unique feel due to its recent emergence as a name.
  • The two syllables create a rhythm that is easy to remember and pronounce.
  • The combination of sounds is not overly harsh or soft, achieving a pleasing balance.

Cultural and Social Factors:

  • The rise of word names like Hunter, Truth, and Justice might have influenced the creation of Chosen.
  • The concept of being “chosen” resonates with cultures and belief systems that emphasize destiny or divine favor.
  • The name’s recent appearance makes it difficult to pinpoint specific cultural or social factors influencing its popularity. However, its unique sound and positive meaning might hold appeal across cultures.

Q&A About the Name Chosen

Chosen is a unique and relatively new name that is gaining some traction. Here are some common questions parents might have about it:

1. Is Chosen a boy’s or girl’s name?

Chosen can be used for both boys and girls. It doesn’t have a specific gender association.

2. Is Chosen a popular name?

Chosen is a new name and not yet widely popular. This means your child would likely have a unique name.

3. What does the name Chosen mean?

Chosen comes from the English verb “to choose” and suggests someone who is selected or favored.

4. Are there any nicknames for Chosen?

There aren’t any established nicknames for Chosen yet. You could potentially use nicknames based on the first syllable (Choy) or shorten it to Chase.

5. What are some middle names that go well with Chosen?

Middle names with strong meanings (Hope, Valor) or a balanced sound (Alexander, Elijah) can complement Chosen. Consider using a family name or a name reflecting your child’s personality.

6. Are there any celebrities with the name Chosen?

Due to its recent emergence, there aren’t any major celebrities named Chosen. However, there might be lesser-known public figures with this name.

7. Is there a name meaning similar to Chosen?

Elect, Destiny, Kai (Hawaiian for “seakeeper”) all share a similar meaning of being chosen or having a special path.

8. What are some interesting facts about the name Chosen?

Chosen is a new name with a positive meaning. It carries the idea of destiny, purpose, or being special. Numerologically, the name suggests leadership potential and a desire to make a positive impact.

9. Where is the name Chosen popular?

It’s difficult to say definitively where Chosen is popular due to its newness. It likely sees more use in English-speaking countries and areas with a Judeo-Christian tradition.

10. How is the name Chosen pronounced?

Chosen is pronounced CHO-sen, with a hard “ch” sound and a soft “n” ending.

In Summary:

Chosen is a unique name with a positive connotation. It’s not yet common, so your child would likely stand out. The name offers a balance between strength and approachability, and its meaning can resonate with parents who hope their child will have a special purpose.

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