Wallace Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity

Meaning of Wallace: What Does Wallace Mean?

Wallace means “Welshman” or “foreigner” and originated as a surname for someone of Welsh descent.

Delving into the Name’s Meaning in Detail:

The name Wallace has Anglo-Norman French roots, stemming from the term “waleis,” which translates to “Welsh” or “a person from Wales.” Initially, it wasn’t a given name but a descriptive term used to identify people of Welsh descent. Over time, it evolved into a distinct and established surname, particularly in Scotland and England.

There’s another possible interpretation of the meaning. Some scholars suggest Wallace might be derived from the Old French word “walise,” meaning “stranger” or “foreigner.” This interpretation aligns with the historical context where the term “Welsh” was used to describe people who spoke a different language and followed distinct customs from the dominant Anglo-Saxon culture.

The meaning of Wallace transcends its literal definition. It evokes a sense of heritage, identity, and belonging for those with Welsh ancestry. It also carries a subtle connotation of being an outsider or someone who brings a unique perspective.

Is the name Wallace in the Bible?

No, the name Wallace is not found in the Bible. It has Anglo-Norman French origins, stemming from the term “waleis” meaning “Welsh” or “Welshman.”

Here are some biblical names with similar meanings or characteristics that might connect to Wallace:

  1. Derek (Dutch): Meaning “ruler” or “leader.” While the origin differs, Wallace could be seen as suggesting leadership qualities, similar to a ruler.

  2. Joshua (יהושע) (Hebrew): Meaning “Yahweh is salvation.” Joshua is the successor to Moses who led the Israelites into the Promised Land. He embodies qualities of courage, strength, and leadership that might resonate with the idea of Wallace.

  3. David (דָּוִד) (Hebrew): Meaning “beloved” or “warrior.” King David is a prominent figure in the Bible, known for his bravery and leadership. Wallace could be interpreted as suggesting a strong and well-respected person, similar to David.

  4. Gideon (גִּדְעוֹן) (Hebrew): Meaning “hewer” or “mighty warrior.” Gideon is a judge in the Old Testament who led a small Israelite force to victory against a much larger Midianite army. Wallace could be seen as suggesting strength and bravery in battle, similar to Gideon.

  5. Jonathan (יהונתן) (Hebrew): Meaning “Yahweh has given.” Jonathan is a friend and confidante of King David in the Bible, known for his loyalty and courage. Wallace could be interpreted as suggesting loyalty and bravery, similar to Jonathan.

Origin/Ethnicity of the Name Wallace:

The Name’s Origin and Historical Journey:

The name Wallace emerged in the Anglo-Norman period, roughly between the 11th and 15th centuries. Its usage initially wasn’t widespread, primarily functioning as a way to identify people of Welsh origin within England and Scotland.

The rise of Wallace as a surname is closely linked to the historical figure William Wallace, a renowned Scottish knight who emerged as a national hero during the Wars of Scottish Independence in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. Wallace’s bravery and leadership in the fight against English rule significantly popularized the name, particularly in Scotland.

Interestingly, Wallace also became an Americanized version of several Ashkenazic Jewish surnames like Wallach during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Popularity of the Name Wallace:

Ranking of the Name Wallace + Number of Births

YearRank in USANumber of Births
1960Not RankedNot Available
1970Not RankedNot Available
1980Not RankedNot Available
1990Not RankedNot Available
2000Not RankedNot Available
2010Not RankedLess than 5

The Name’s Popularity Over Time:

As evident from the table, Wallace enjoyed moderate popularity in the early 20th century, reaching a peak around the 1920s. However, its usage steadily declined throughout the latter half of the 20th century and is currently classified as not ranked in the United States, indicating very few births with this name.

This decline can be attributed to several factors. The rise of more modern and trendy names might have overshadowed Wallace. Additionally, the name’s association with being “old-fashioned” or “grandpa-ish” might have deterred some parents.

Despite the decline, Wallace retains a certain charm and a connection to Scottish heritage. It might experience a resurgence in popularity, particularly among parents seeking unique and classic names for their children.

Gender of the Name Wallace

Wallace is traditionally a masculine name given to baby boys.

Nicknames of the Name Wallace

  1. Wally (common abbreviation)
  2. Walla (less common variation of Wally)
  3. Ace (playful twist on Wallace)
  4. Wall (uses the first part of the name)
  5. Mace (uses the first syllable with a “m” sound)
  6. Law (uses the last syllable)
  7. Wish (a more unique nickname based on sound)
  8. Wood (inspired by the Scottish connection to forests)
  9. Leith (a Scottish place name with a similar sound to Wallace)
  10. Wells (uses the “well” sound from Wallace)

Sibling Names for Wallace with Meanings and Origin

Boy Names:

  1. Andrew (Greek): Meaning “manly, strong,”
  1. Duncan (Scottish Gaelic): Meaning “dark warrior,” Duncan complements Wallace’s Scottish heritage and evokes a sense of strength.
  2. Finn (Irish): Meaning “fair, white,” Finn offers a contrasting yet complementary sound to Wallace. It also has Celtic roots, aligning with the Scottish background.
  3. Gavin (Welsh): Meaning “little hawk,” Gavin shares Celtic origins with Wallace and has a similar number of syllables for a balanced feel.
  4. Hugh (German): Meaning “mind, spirit,” Hugh offers a more sophisticated feel while maintaining a masculine air, similar to Wallace.

Boy Names with Scottish Connection:

  1. Kenneth (Scottish Gaelic): Meaning “handsome, fire-born,” Kenneth shares Scottish roots with Wallace and has a regal connotation.
  2. Liam (Irish): Meaning “protector, resolute guardian,” Liam is a popular Irish name that complements Wallace’s Celtic background and evokes a sense of security.
  3. Fraser (French): Meaning “curly haired stranger,” Fraser shares a hint of mystery like Wallace and has a Scottish connection through the Fraser clan.
  4. Murdoch (Scottish Gaelic): Meaning “sea warrior,” Murdoch is a strong Scottish name that complements Wallace’s historical association with warriors.
  5. Calum (Scottish Gaelic): Meaning “dove,” Calum offers a beautiful contrast to Wallace’s strength, creating a balance for siblings.

Unique Names Sharing Similar Sounds:

  1. Walter (German): Meaning “ruler of the army,” Walter shares a similar sound with Wallace and carries a connotation of leadership.
  2. Walker (English): Meaning “fuller of cloth,” Walker has a similar cadence to Wallace and is a unique occupational name.
  3. Willow (English): Meaning “slender tree,” Willow offers a beautiful natural name that contrasts with Wallace’s strength, creating a harmony of sounds.
  4. Wesley (English): Meaning “western meadow,” Wesley shares a similar number of syllables with Wallace and has a pleasant, breezy feel.
  5. Wells (English): Meaning “spring of water,” Wells shares a phonetic connection with Wallace and has a calming, natural association.

Girl Names:

  1. Fiona (Scottish Gaelic): Meaning “fair, white,” Fiona complements Wallace’s Scottish heritage and has a beautiful, feminine sound.
  2. Isla (Scottish Gaelic): Meaning “island,” Isla is a short, unique Scottish name that creates a balanced feel with Wallace.
  3. Erin (Irish): Meaning “Ireland,” Erin shares Celtic roots with Wallace and evokes a sense of Irish heritage.
  4. Clara (Latin): Meaning “bright, clear,” Clara offers a bright and cheerful contrast to Wallace’s strength.
  5. Evelyn (English): Meaning “hazelnut tree,” Evelyn is a beautiful and elegant name that complements Wallace’s classic feel.

Girl Names with Scottish Connection:

  1. Maisie (Scottish Gaelic): Meaning “pearl,” Maisie is a sweet and charming Scottish name that contrasts beautifully with Wallace.
  2. Anna (Hebrew): Meaning “grace, favor,” Anna is a classic and timeless name that creates a balanced feel with Wallace.
  3. Imogen (Latin): Meaning “noble daughter,” Imogen offers a sophisticated name that complements Wallace’s strength.
  4. Morag (Scottish Gaelic): Meaning “great one,” Morag is a strong Scottish name that creates a powerful sibling duo with Wallace.
  5. Ainsley (Scottish): Meaning “one meadow,” Ainsley is a unique Scottish name with a whimsical feel, balancing Wallace’s seriousness.

Unique Names Sharing Similar Sounds:

  1. Willow (English): Meaning “slender tree,” Willow offers a beautiful natural name that contrasts with Wallace’s strength, creating a harmony of sounds for siblings.
  2. Wallis (French): Meaning “foreigner,” Wallis is a feminine version of Wallace, creating a cute connection for siblings.
  3. Chelsea (English): Meaning “landing place by the sea,” Chelsea shares a similar number of syllables with Wallace and has a sophisticated feel.
  4. Willa (Germanic): Meaning “determined protector,” Willa offers a strong name with a similar sound to Wallace, creating a powerful sibling duo.
  5. Audrey (English): Meaning “noble strength,” Audrey is a classic name with a hint of strength, complementing Wallace’s meaning.

Traits of the Bearer of the Name Wallace

While there’s no scientific basis for attributing specific personality traits to names, Wallace evokes certain qualities based on its meaning and history. Here are some potential associations:

  • Strong and Independent: Stemming from its connection to “warrior” figures like William Wallace, the name Wallace might suggest a sense of strength, determination, and independence.
  • Proud Heritage: With roots in Scottish and Welsh identity, Wallace might indicate someone who takes pride in their heritage and ancestry.
  • Adaptable and Open-Minded: The possibility of the name meaning “foreigner” hints at an openness to new experiences and cultures.
  • Classic and Sophisticated: The established nature of the name Wallace suggests a sense of timelessness and refinement.

It’s important to remember that these are just potential associations, and a person’s name doesn’t define their personality.

Number of Syllables in the Name Wallace

Wallace is a two-syllable name (Wal-lace).

Best Middle Name For Wallace

Choosing a middle name depends on personal preference and the desired overall sound. Here are some suggestions for Wallace, considering rhythm, meaning, and style:

  1. Andrew: Creates a strong, masculine pairing with a shared Scottish connection (Andrew means “manly”).
  2. Charles: Offers a classic and sophisticated feel that complements Wallace (Charles means “free man”).
  3. David: Provides a traditional and reliable middle name (David means “beloved”).
  4. Edward: Creates a regal and distinguished combination (Edward means “wealthy guardian”).
  5. Finn: Shares Celtic roots and offers a contrasting yet balanced sound (Finn means “fair, white”).

Bonus Options:

  • Nature-inspired: River, Stone, Forest (to connect with Scottish heritage)
  • Virtue-based: Justice, Valor, Honor (to reflect potential traits)
  • Scottish Names: Fraser, Grant, Campbell (for a strong Scottish connection)

Related Names of the Name Wallace

Here are some names related to Wallace by origin, meaning, or sound:

  • Welsh: Gareth, Rhys, Howell (share Welsh origins)
  • Scottish: Duncan, Alistair, Fraser (share Scottish connection)
  • Foreigner: Xavier (French, meaning “new house”), Enzo (Italian, meaning “conqueror”)
  • Strength-related: Walter (German, meaning “ruler of the army”), Wyatt (Old English, meaning “wood duck”)
  • Wallis (French): Feminine version of Wallace

Name Variations of Wallace

  • Wallas (less common spelling)
  • Wallis (feminine version)
  • Wallach (Ashkenazic Jewish surname origin)

Where is the Name Wallace Popular?

Currently, Wallace isn’t a particularly popular name worldwide. However, it might see some use in:

  • Scotland: Due to its historical connection with William Wallace.
  • Wales: A nod to the name’s Welsh roots.
  • English-speaking countries: Limited usage, but might hold a certain charm for parents seeking a unique classic name.

Names With Similar Sound As Wallace

If you like the sound of Wallace, here are some names with similar phonetics:

  • Walter
  • Walker
  • Wells
  • Wallis (feminine)
  • Willow

Wallace Name in 10 Languages

  • French: Wallace
  • Spanish: Gualterio
  • German: Wallace
  • Italian: Gualtiero
  • Irish: Fiachra (meaning “raven”)
  • Russian: Valery (meaning “strong, healthy”)
  • Japanese: Warisu (meaning “respectful”)
  • Arabic: Walid (meaning “newborn”)
  • Hebrew: Gadiel (meaning “God is my fortune”)
  • Swahili: Wallace

Celebrities With the Name Wallace

  • Wallace Shawn (American Actor)
  • Wallace Beery (American Actor)
  • Cyndi Lauper (singer, birth name Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper) (Her father’s name was Fred Wallace)

Sayings and Rhymes for Baby Wallace

  • “Little Wallace, a heart so bold, a story waiting to unfold.”
  • “Wallace, Wallace, eyes so bright, our future shines ever so light.”
  • “Bundle of joy, our Wallace so sweet, a name that can’t be beat.”

Fun Facts About the Name Wallace

  • The name Wallace is mentioned in the classic children’s book and film series, “Wallace & Gromit,” featuring a quirky inventor named Wallace and his loyal dog Gromit.
  • In some cultures, the number of letters in a name is considered significant. With ten letters, Wallace is a relatively long name, which some believe might indicate a multifaceted personality.

Wallace in Music and Film

Beyond the aforementioned “Wallace & Gromit,” the name Wallace hasn’t been a central theme in many films or music. However, there have been some characters with this name:

  • Films:
    • Braveheart (1995): While not a main character, a Scottish soldier named Wallace is featured.
    • Knives Out (2019): There’s a character named Richard Drysdale whose butler is named Wallace.
  • Music:
    • There are songs with “Wallace” in the title by various artists, though they might not directly reference the name’s meaning.

Numerology of the Name Wallace (According to Various Systems)

Numerology is a belief system that assigns meanings to numbers and letters. Here’s a glimpse into Wallace’s numerology based on different systems:

  • Chaldean System: In Chaldean numerology, Wallace reduces to the number 3 (W+A+L+L+A+C+E = 36, 3+6 = 9, 9 further reduces to 3). The number 3 is associated with creativity, communication, and optimism.
  • Pythagorean System: In Pythagorean numerology, numbers are derived by adding the squares of each letter’s position in the alphabet. Wallace translates to a number 8 (4 + 1 + 12 + 12 + 1 + 3 + 5 = 38, 3 + 8 = 11, 1 + 1 = 2, and 2 squared is 4). The number 8 signifies leadership, ambition, and organization.
  • Kabbalistic System: In Kabbalah, each Hebrew letter has a numerical value. As Wallace isn’t a Hebrew name, a direct translation isn’t possible. However, some numerologists assign numerical values based on English gematria, where Wallace would again reduce to a number 3.
  • Vedic System: In Vedic numerology, each name is assigned a ruling planet. Due to the limitations of directly translating Wallace into the Vedic system, it’s difficult to determine a specific planet.

It’s important to remember that numerology is a pseudoscience, and these interpretations are subjective.

Delving into the Name’s Sound of Wallace


  • Wallace is a two-syllable name with a strong emphasis on the first syllable (“Wal”).
  • The name uses a mix of hard consonants (“W,” “l,” “c”) and soft vowels (“a,” “e”) creating a balance between strength and openness.
  • The repetition of the “l” sound adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.


  • The name Wallace evokes a sense of tradition and history.
  • It has a certain grandeur and masculinity associated with its Scottish connection.
  • The slightly old-fashioned feel of the name might be perceived as charming or unique by some parents.

Cultural and Social Factors:

  • The decline in popularity of Wallace might be linked to the rise of shorter, trendier names.
  • The association with being “old-fashioned” might have deterred some parents.
  • However, the name’s classic quality and Scottish heritage could see a resurgence in popularity.

Psychoanalysis of the Name Wallace

Psychoanalysis is a complex field, and attributing specific psychological traits to a name is debatable. However, we can explore some potential interpretations based on the name’s meaning and history:

  • Identity and Heritage: The link to Wales or Scottish ancestry might lead the bearer to feel a strong sense of belonging and cultural pride.
  • Strength and Independence: The association with warriors like William Wallace could influence the development of a strong and independent personality.
  • Openness to New Ideas: The possibility of the name meaning “foreigner” might indicate a natural curiosity and openness to new experiences and cultures.
  • Desire to be Unique: Choosing the less common name Wallace might reflect a desire to stand out from the crowd and embrace individuality.

It’s important to remember that these are just potential interpretations, and a person’s name doesn’t dictate their psychological makeup.

Q&A About the Name Wallace

Here are some common questions parents might have about the name Wallace:

  • Is Wallace a popular name? Currently, Wallace is not a popular name in the United States
  • Is Wallace a good name? There’s no objective answer to whether a name is “good” or not. It depends on personal preference, family history, and the desired image for your child. Wallace is a unique and classic name with a rich history. However, its old-fashioned feel might not resonate with everyone.

  • What are some nicknames for Wallace? Popular nicknames for Wallace include Wally, Walla, Ace, Wall, Mace, Law, Wish, Wood, Leith, and Wells.

  • Does Wallace have a meaning? Yes, Wallace has two possible meanings:

    • “Foreigner” or “Welshman” from Anglo-Norman French.
    • “Stranger” from Old French.
  • Is Wallace a Scottish name? While not exclusively Scottish, Wallace has a strong connection to Scotland due to its association with the historical figure William Wallace.

  • Will the name Wallace become popular again? It’s difficult to predict, but the name’s classic quality and Scottish heritage could lead to a resurgence in popularity.

  • What are some middle names that go well with Wallace? Here are some suggestions considering rhythm, meaning, and style:

    • Strong and Masculine: Andrew, Charles, David, Edward, Finn
    • Nature-inspired: River, Stone, Forest
    • Virtue-based: Justice, Valor, Honor
    • Scottish Names: Fraser, Grant, Campbell
  • Are there any celebrities named Wallace? Some notable celebrities with the name Wallace include actors Wallace Shawn and Wallace Beery. However, the name isn’t very common among celebrities.

In Conclusion

Wallace is a unique and historic name with a strong connection to Scottish heritage. While its popularity has declined in recent decades, its classic charm and potential for nicknames might see a revival. Ultimately, the decision of whether to name your child Wallace is a personal one. We hope this comprehensive exploration of the name has helped you make an informed choice.

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